The Box from USA ^_^




YAYYY!!! Finally the box came!! I got many presents from my bestie Pamela Esparza. She is an American who lives in San Antonio, Texas. Thank you so much for the gift! I really like it ^^

For the first time, Pam (her nickname) just asked me to choose one of hoodie that She wanted to buy too. And after I choose the best one (but finally it totally changed haha) she told me that she would be send the hoodie to Indonesia for me. awwwww I was so happy at that time!!

But I didn’t know if few days before she sent the box, she told that she added few inside! I just thought that I would be get one more than hoodie but I received many things inside the box! haha…



The unbelievable is this one: Eyeshadow!!


I just thought to buy new eyeshadow when I go back to school but I received it from Pam!! Thank youuuu….:)

And when I looked at the others, I also found the book note of High School Musical!!


The trilogy of High School Musical are my favorite movies when I was at high school!! ^^ and Sharpay Evans could make me laugh ^^


But I felt strange of this one because there is no one here in Indonesia haha


When I hadn’t read yet, I thought that was a wax! hahaha 😀

And of course, the special one is the sweater! I really like it and the size is absolutely CORRECT!! ^_^


That was not my first choice because I changed my perspective about three times before I choose this one!! but I really like it^^

And there is also another special thing that I got, the card! I smiled when I read the sentence on the envelope! Pam wrote “Don’t open if you are not Lusi!” 🙂


I directly thought about one story I read that Choi Siwon becomes the cast, there was a part when the girl opened Siwon’s Diary and when she opened the first page, she read “Don’t open it if you are not Choi Siwon”. You both are connected! hahaha

And inside the card, I found out the great quote of friendship ^^


But I won’t show the sentences you wrote by yourself, Pam! hahaha


And last but not least (?) I really want to thank God that I have so many great friends outside my country who totally care of me! And Pamela is one of them! You are not only friend and best friend, but also my sister who I really love. Thank you so much you’ve become my wonderful friend these 2 years and once again thank you for the box^^ I really hope that one day we can meet… Love ya Pam :*


2 thoughts on “The Box from USA ^_^

  1. YAY!! i’m so Happy You like it! 🙂 I know, I have a Hello Kitty Key chain just like it! so we are TWINS! 🙂 and I sleep with Those Sweet Dreams, so I thought Maybe you would Like it! 🙂 HAHAH!! it’s not WAX! it’s Candy. Lol! oops! I should have put a Note of what everything was and is. Lol. The Hoodie is so Pretty! 🙂 ❤ i'm so Happy you like it!

    • Really?? the Hello Kitty is the same like you?? yayyy I like it^^ you know what, because I’m an insomnia lol, I always use “the sweet dream”!! lol… haha I thought that was a wax for the first time, I felt strange cause I didnt find any here in Indonesia:) Thank you so much for everything Pam, you are the best!!!

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